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1. 誤區:你不能在雨中騎電動摩托車


2. 誤區: #electricmotorcycles電動車就是贵


3. 誤區:電動摩托車比燃油車



4. 誤區: 電動摩托車是危險的, 因為引擎聲音拯救生命


5. 誤區:電動摩托車比普通摩托車需要




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5 Popular Myths about Electric Motorcycles

1. Myth: you can’t ride an electric motorcycle in the rain

Truth: you can ride in heavy rains, but don’t go diving with your #emotorbike. Most bikes are built to be waterproof and are not easily susceptible to water damage. So don’t worry, you won’t get electrocuted.

2. Myth: #electricmotorcycles are expensive

Truth: there are a number of low-cost options (less than 5000$) on the market and you can get a great electric motorbike for less than 2000$. Besides, you’ll be saving on fuel and maintenance fees in the long run.

3. Myth: electric motorcycles are more polluting than gas-powered bikes

Keep telling yourself that your smelly, smoky ICE vehicle is cleaner than the plants that power electric motorcycles, if it helps you sleep at night…

Truth: according to a number of studies, battery-powered electric vehicles generate half the emissions of the average comparable gasoline vehicle, even when pollution from battery manufacturing is accounted for.

4. Myth: electric motorcycles are dangerous because "Loud Pipes Save Lives"

Truth: many riders actually find the silence of electric motorcycles to be comforting because it helps to concentrate on the environment.

5. Myth: electric motorcycles need more maintenance than regular ones

Truth: #electricmotorbikes don’t require any special maintenance. In fact, if you hate to change your engine oil and filters or if you are worried about your engine being overheated, an electric motorcycle might be a much better choice for you.

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